Fogys appeal wants to get back to his club

Steam Profile Link:Steam Community :: Fogy42

Steam Name:fogy 42

Discord Name:fogy 42

Who Banned You?:

Length Of Ban:

Reason Of The Ban:I was told that i had modifyed weapon damage, I dont use cheats and my whole org can vouch for me, the weapon i used that i was acused for hacking was looted from a body while we were at war

Why Should We Unban You?:myself and my org can vouch that i would never cheat in any server and i would like to be unbanned so i can get back to my org and carry on our story and put this mess behind me, Im hoping to keep this city as my forever home and hope you will have a kind heart to lift this ban I’m happy to do a trial we’re I’m watch or what Eva it takes I wana get back to my club that’s helps me with my mental heath cheers for you time appreciate it

Screenshot Of Ban Message:


Appeal has been denied.
You may reappeal in 14 days time if you so wish.