False ban, please help!

  • In Game Name(s) or Most Known By Name:
    Chester Ombudsman
  • Steam Profile Link:
    Steam Community :: Anthony Bordaine
  • Steam Name:
    Anthony Bordaine
  • Discord Name:
  • Who Banned You?:
  • Length Of Ban:
    7 days
  • Reason Of The Ban:
  • Why Should We Unban You?:
    Because the ban wasn’t merited, i was robbing a convenience store and needed hostages, i had gotten 2 with my mate. one of the hostages proceeded to continuously call me pathetic i said ‘What did you call me?’ in a stern manner and killed him after her re stated that i was pathetic when I had a gun to his head and was directing him like a hostage, he put in a ticket stating that it was RDM, however i was a robber and he was a hostage arking up to me, i just feel like 7 day ban isn’t a fair punishment when i did the ‘correct thing’. maybe a 1 day ban because i shouldn’t of escalated that quickly however i feel as though what i did deserved a slap on the wrist.

ps also finished a long week at work and just wanna hop on Fivem for a bit of a laugh with the community.

Appeal has been denied - though your ban should expire tomorrow anyway.

Comments made were that there were attempts of creating a poor storyline and not genuinely valuing hostages, etc.