Exeyyy - Ban Appeal - Cheating (24/10/23)

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Dear Slept and the Administrators of Infinity Gaming,

I am writing to appeal my recent ban from Infinity, which was issued today at 11:52:39 AM. This is a ban that I firmly believe is unjust and based on a misunderstanding, and I would like to provide evidence in my defense.

Clips and damage log :


[SS goes into here, although it doesn’t allow]

My primary concern is the claim that there is more proof against me, I understand that the admins, have stated that there is additional proof beyond what I can provide. However, I am unaware of this additional evidence and It is difficult for me to defend my side if I don’t know the full extent and story of the accusations.

I would also like to express my confidence that there can be no other legitimate evidence of me cheating. I have never engaged in any form of cheating on Infinity Gaming or any other server. I would like to know if the additional evidence being referred to is authentic and reliable or if it is just hearsay and opinions with no real evidence reinforcing it.

If any administrators can provide evidence that supports my ban, I am more than willing to consider it and understand the reasoning behind my ban.

Thank you for your time and understanding.



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[STREAMABLE] - Fighting Hamzes

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Just firstly would like to say Exeyy has been someone i’ve known for a long time and his had so many allegations on cheating but the mans generally just cracked outta his mind again it would feel terrible if he was getting banned for him being good i’m sure use are aware of just many situations that involved exeyyy an has been called out for cheating on multiple situations i think its a very unfair ban imo

Best of luck Exeyy (Damo) And hope the staff see this as a false ban especially going into the new server changes

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Honestly i hope he gets unbanned

Staff members have dropped the ball on this ban. There is solid evidence that Exeyy was never cheating in the first place, there are clips and time stamps that clearly show evidence and proof of him not cheating.

For the staff team to go off a report and a measley clip then to go ahead and ban someone without discussion or further investigation is poor.

During my time of staff I was accused of cheating because I 1 tapped a dude whilst. I provided a clip from my end of things and it was all cleared up…what is the difference here?? Exeyy has all the clips and evidence all the staff team need to do is front up and investigate

-1 to the staff team for yet again and always a terrible decision. Staffing team were wrong in this one and need to reinstate this ban. Or investigate and talk to both sides.

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Have known the bloke for ages and I can say without a doubt in my mind that he is definitely NOT cheating. The staff team have really dropped the ball on this one and to be fair it’s just straight up unprofessional to not look into it further with exeyy being such a longtime player of the server.

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First and foremost, most unnecessary need of making an appeal and I hope this does not take long to be resolved.

exeyy’s ban was placed due to the damage log triggering a damage output twice the norm. Keep in mind that this script has JUST been implemented and the possibility of errors (such as de-sync) have not been taken into account, but instead, an impulse action was taken to ban the player.

Not sure if this was considered, but was there also multiple logs of exeyy outputting twice the normal damage to the same target? or even in that small timeframe? As evident in the clip provided where the “double damage” was triggered, each players are tanking 5-6 shots, which is the normal amount of bullets required to kill a player with rune plate body (HK MK 2 does 1/3 HP/ARMOUR).

As stated by Stigma (creator of the script), there has previously been similar triggers for the same issue, outputting double the normal damage, however, these players have not been punished as it was made aware that it was an error on the scripts behalf. With the benefit of the doubt that the ban was not impulsively executed as a result of a “grudge” towards exeyy, this allegation has been handled poorly, and I hope that the qualified admin/s who took action could use this as a learning curve for future investigations.


exeyy was willing to provide the clips which would have synchronised with the damage logs, however, he was refused due to the admin claiming that their evidence was undisputable. There was zero effort in cooperating with the accused, instead, he was told to make a ban appeal which would extend the time of his false ban.

I hope exeyy is compensated for his inability to play the server for the past week by resolving this as soon as possible.

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What they’re mostly concerned about is the somewhat “evidence” they have of cheating. I’ve asked multiple times to see the “evidence”, but it seems they cant for some odd reason. Like I’ve said the admins can try to prove me guilty of cheating, although with my full confidence, i know that there is no evidence out there of me cheating if i have never done so.

On the other hand, i am starting to think that this is some made up evidence :skull: