Drdea_67 ban appeal

  • In Game Name(s) or Most Known By Name: zefreshbaguette

  • Steam Profile Link:

  • Steam Name: zefreshbaguette

  • Discord Name: drdea_67

  • Who Banned You?: E Light (Trial moderator)

  • Length Of Ban: Permanent

  • Reason Of The Ban: alleged"Racial slur - Kiwi"

  • Why Should We Unban You?: I didn’t do anything wrong and I didn’t say anything that was offensive

  • Screenshot Of Ban Message: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1143474718163341322/1143474758789386321/image.png

Appeal on-hold, further investigation prompted.

Good Afternoon, @drdea_67

It was decided that your ban appeal shall be,


Please feel free to re-appeal in two weeks’ time.

Two weeks from today is the DATE: 22/09/23

[The entire staff team except for myself votes on Ban Appeals, please refrain from DM’ing me on Discord as this will look worse for your next Ban Appeal]


Harambe | Community Manager