Dev Application

  • Name: Connor

  • Discord (e.g. Vyve#0001): connor#4724

  • Steam URL: Steam Community :: DotGobbler

  • Have you read through and understood the FiveM Terms Of Service?: Yes

  • Are you prepared & willing to sign an agreement regarding rights of content?: Yes

  • Do you understand that all current and future developers are and will continue to be volunteers?: Yes

  • Why do you wish to become a developer? What do you wish to achieve? What are your intentions in all of such?: I want to broaden my experience as an engineer in other disciplines and like the modding scene of GTA, especially RP servers. I’d like to contribute and learn more about the server lifecycle and what’s involved in how they work.

  • If any, what programming languages do you have experience with?: I currently work as a front end engineer (JS, TS, React, Vue, CSS etc.) but have experience working in backend (C# mainly), with a little experience with database management when I was studying (PostgreSQL).

  • Do you have experience in using GitHub? (Repositories, branches, merging, etc.): Yes, lots of experience (use every day)

  • Do you have any prior experience in server, game or modification development? (If yes, please elaborate): I have done a little bit of work with the Unity framework for C# but not in depth. That being said, a lot of code just carries over regardless of discipline. It all just boils down to syntactic sugar.

  • If any, do you have experience in working with any current FiveM frameworks? (Please specify each framework and version of such): None, however I currently am looking at tutorials in regard to Lua scripting and server/client interactions/

  • Have you received your practical assessment from Vyve? (If so please submit your GitHub link to the project here, otherwise contact Vyve through the forums direct message system to receive your assignment for later review & assessment.): Will reach out

For more experience context, I’ve been working (professionally) for 4 years. 1 as a contractor, and the next 3 as an engineer for Commonwealth Bank