Chubs Content Creator Application

  • Username:

  • Steam URL:
    Steam Community :: Chubs

  • Discord ID:

  • How old are you? (Minimum: 16)
    17, 18 in November.

  • If applicable, please provide a link to your streaming discord:
    Chubs Castle

  • What platform do you use? (Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, etc.)
    YouTube, Kick, Twitter, Instagram & Tik Tok.

  • How long have you been creating content for?
    Since December of 2016, but I have been taking it serious since November of last year.

  • How often do you provide content to your audience?
    Weekly/Fortnightly on my YouTube, Daily on my Kick, Daily on my Twitter, Weekly/Fortnightly on my Instagram and Tik Tok.

  • How long have you been a member of the Community?
    Since December of 2021.

  • What are your intentions in becoming a content creator?
    I am wanting it to be my full time job, once I am able to get enough income from being a Content Creator.

  • Are you aware of the Community Guidelines, Server Rules & Regulations and the Expectations of a Content Creator?
    Yes I am aware.

Hey Chubs

Just a heads up for you, throughout the beta period you can stream and share schreenshots and recordings.

You wont need to be approved to share content


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Alright no worries. Just wanted to still apply to be a Content Creator for Infinity Gaming.

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