Choppa ban appeal

  • **List of current & known previous names(s): steve brown

  • **List of current & known previous Steam username(s): choppa

  • **List of current & known previous Discord username(s): choppa2280

  • **Which member of Community staff issued your ban?: cientu

  • **When was your ban issued and how long has it been since the ban was issued?
    8th of feb and its been 9 months/270 days

**What was the reason given by Community staff for your ban?: OOC toxicity

  • **Is the reason given by Community staff for your ban accurate or relevant to the situation or events that occurred?: yes

  • **Why do you believe that you should be unbanned from our Community?: Dear staff/infinity gaming community I would like to address the ban that was put on me I regret my actions and would like to express my apologies for all violations of the servers and community rules that I broke.

I understand that I was banned for staff disrespect and ooc toxicity, and I acknowledge that my actions were very inappropriate immature and against the servers rules. I take full responsibility for my actions and assure everyone that I have learned from this punishment.
I realize the negative impact that my actions have had on people. genuinely enjoy being apart of this server and community and interacting with players, and I regret engaging in the behaviour that goes against the rules on the and
respect in general. I promise all staff and players that am committed to obey the servers rules in the future.
I understand the important part of having respect and fairness for all players, and swear I will keep that promise. I am willing to improve my behaviour. If granted the opportunity to rejoin infinity gaming, I will use this ban and the past year as a lesson to be positive and responsible player on the server and discord. thankyou for taking your time to read
my ban appeal. I genuinely hope for the opportunity to join again and show my commitment to the community

kind Regards choppa