Chihuahua Hotdogs Business Application

Chihuahua Hotdogs


Who Am I/About Myself:
Hello my name is Chubs also known as Jayden I am 16 years old and I am from Queensland Australia. I have been in the city since December of 2021. I have three characters, Valentino Blake, Bradley Blake & Brax Blake.

Steam Link:

Discord Username:


Who Is Valentino Blake:
Who is Valentino Blake? Valentino is a 23 year old that came from Sunshine Coast up in Queensland. He moved to New South Wales with his two cousins Bradley Blake and Brax Blake, when he was 20 years old. He has been staying in the same apartment as his two cousins ever since. Valentino makes his money from Woodcutting at the moment but is looking for a Full Time Job and have a Side Job as a Owner in Chihuahua Hotdogs. Valentino likes to meet new people in the community and make new friends and has a chill vibe with everyone in the community.

How Is Valentino Blake Capable Of Operating Chihuahua Hotdogs:
How is Valentino capable? Valentino knows how Business work and from what he has learned over the past couple years he has what it takes to make his own Business and bring it to this city and be successful out of it. He is a nice guy and gets along with everyone, so he will be able to recruit anyone to the team and make them feel like home in this business.

Goals For Chihuahua Hotdogs:
Valentino is wanting to make people come down to Chihuahua Hotdogs and have a good time trying our Hotdogs and have a good time with the workers and other members of the city. He is also wanting to make Chihuahua Hotdogs the best fast food restaurant in the city, and around Australia one day.

Business Location:
Chihuahua Hotdogs is located South West on Vespucci Boulevard in Downtown near Legion Square.

Option 1: [MLO] Legion Hotdog Stand Interior -
Option 2: Hotdog Script + MLO | FiveM Store

Taken/Not Taken Business Spots:
Workers can have this Whitelisted Job as their First or Second Job. Which means that can have another Whitelisted Job while having this Whitelisted Job.
Owner - Valentino Blake
Co-Owner - Jesse Suraya
Manager - Jack Suraya
Chef - Nero DaFurr
Chef - Positions Available
Chef - Positions Available
Server - Josh Damien
Server - Positions Available
Server - Positions Available
Trainee Chef - Positions Available
Trainee Chef - Positions Available
Trainee Chef - Positions Available
Trainee Server - Positions Available
Trainee Server - Positions Available
Trainee Server - Positions Available

Pay For Employees:
The Employees will get this salary every 1 hour while working. They will also get some of the cut from sales during the nights opening.
Owner - $800
Co-Owner - $700
Head Manager - $600
Manager - $500
Head Chef - $400
Head Server - $400
Chef Trainer - $300
Server Trainer - $300
Chef - $200
Server - $200
Trainee Chef - $100
Trainee Server - $100

When someone orders some food or a drink from Chihuahua Hotdogs we will mark up the price by some percentage.
Staff - 25%
VIPs - 30%
Business Partners - 40%
Customers - 60%

I don’t know how much clothes we are aloud to bring into the city but, if I can’t bring all of it in it is ok. The main ones I need is the Two Shirts & the Two Long Pants. One of the Shirts & Long Pants is for the Males and the other Shirt & Long Pants is for the Females.

Male Shirt


Female Shirt


Male Long Pants


Female Long Pants


Male Shorts


Male Hoodie


Female Hoodie


Bomber Jacket (Both Genders)


Suit (Both Genders)


Jersey (Both Genders)


Bucket Hat (Both Genders)


Cap (Both Genders)


Rag (Both Genders)


Mask (Both Genders)


Silver Chain (Both Genders)


Gold Chain (Both Genders)


Silver Ring (Both Genders)


Gold Ring (Both Genders)


Food & Drinks:
Chihuahua Hotdogs will sell the following items. The Hotdog & Salty Chihuahua Cocktail will both help out your Health once used, and the Hot Pretzel & Pink Chihuahua Mocktail will both help out your experience, once used. Those prices are before the mark up percentage. There could be more food and drinks to come in the future. Those are just Examples of what they will look like.

Hotdog (Food) - $1,000 Each

Hot Pretzel (Food) - $1,000 Each

Salty Chihuahua Cocktail (Drink) - $1,000 Each

Pink Chihuahua Mocktail (Drink) - $1,000 Each

Business Partners:
We are currently looking for Business Partners and will update this once we have found some. But this what they would receive.

  • 40% Markup for all of the Partners Staff at Chihuahua Hotdogs (Normal Customers get 60% Markup).
  • Get to have their Business Name in our Advertisements whenever we advertise in city.
  • Get to have their Yellow Page Advertisement posted in our Emails.
  • Owners get to have Business Partners Roles in our Emails, which gets their Name to the Top 5 of Roles of the List in the Emails & Get to have a Private Text & Voice Channel in our Emails.

VIP Ideas:
This is what Customers can purchase for them to have for life time at Chihuahua Hotdogs. This only effects per person not as a Group. This can be purchased In Store or in our Emails.

Gold VIP
$1,250,000 (One Time Payment)
Get To Host Events At Chihuahua Hotdogs
Get To Hold Org Meetings At Chihuahua Hotdogs For Upstairs
Get To Book Tables In Chihuahua Hotdogs
Half Price On All Food & Drinks

Silver VIP
$750,000 (One Time Payment)
Get To Book Tables In Chihuahua Hotdogs
Half Price On All Food & Drinks

Bronze VIP
$500,000 (One Time Payment)
Half Price On All Food & Drinks

Thanks For Reading!

Dear Chubs,

Following a staff vote on this business application, we have reached a decision to deny it. The primary reason for this decision is that, given the current size of the city, we believe there is no demand for additional food businesses at this time.