CapalotDoneIt Ban Appeal

  • In Game Name(s) or Most Known By Name:

  • Steam Profile Link:
    Steam Community :: B l o o d i e .

  • Steam Name:
    B l o o d i e .

  • Discord Name:

  • Who Banned You?:

  • Length Of Ban:

  • Reason Of The Ban:
    RDM, VDM, Combat Log, No Intent to RP

  • Why Should We Unban You?:
    Kia ora, on the 09/06/2022 I was banned from a staff member who went by Superman. I am making this ticket today to apologize and make an appeal for my actions I have performed. From what I recall that was my first offense and I know now after having gained more experience from being in other cities that it was not the correct thing to do and I would like to be given second chance to get back into the ‘Infinity Gaming’ community.

  • Screenshot Of Ban Message:

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Appeal has been approved due to your first offense on record.
You may reconnect to Infinity Gaming at anytime.

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