BrownArticFox - Staff Application


  • Do you have any active warning or previous bans?
  • Yes, I have received a ban a little over a year ago for combat logging, I have understand that it was not right and any sort of way and haven’t been banned since.
  • Do you have a problem with any of our current staff members?

No I do not I respect all the staff with the same respect they give me

  • How long have you been apart of our community & played on our FiveM server?
    For a year and a half since March 2022
  • Have you maintained a staff position in another Community?

No I have not

  • How known are you on a scale of 1-10?
    I’d say around a 6-7 I’m most know for my characters ‘Ian Goreng’ and ‘Jesse Suraya’ and I’d say a bit on cop ‘Jesse Carlton’
  • Do you believe you’re able to deal with individuals such as Friend’s, Org Members & Staff Members etc in a completely unbiased manner?
  • Absolutely, being a staff member for me means that I will respect the role and treat it how it should be treated If anyone makes wrong doings then I will always let them know they are in the wrong and punish them on how they deserve with that being said I know that I will be able to deal with anyone even friends org members and staff members in a COMPLETELY unbiased manner.
  • Why do you think you should become a staff member?
  • I feel that becoming a staff member would open up yet another learning opportunity. I know for a fact that I have all the skills and previous experience required to become apart of the staff team. I want to become a staff member to benefit and help the community as a whole, I want to ensure that the city stays safe, and help to keep out all serious offences and minor offences. I want to teach many people of the community the rules, to make sure everyone can have fun together instead of having constant conflict, causing issues and eventually incorrect decisions.
  • Some skills I think I can bring to the team is my communication and professionalism. I am also calm, so in intense situation I feel like I can resolve it quickly.
  • Why should you be chosen over other candidates?
  • I believe that I should be picked as a staff member due to my maturity and how well I would fit within the staff team. I am active and have different type of skills that would work well and be useful in this position, not only that but I am open to learning new things and skills and adapting my style to better suit and fit this server. I have. I also think that I would work very well with the staff team, communicating effectively between one another and working those early hours to get in the work I am also very confident with my duties, I know how to stay calm and collected when dealing with stressful situations. I will never ever judge people based on age or gender, and have many friends because of that reason. I take leadership responsibilities when needed. I have read over the rules many times, and I believe that I personally understand all of the rules to a highly knowledgeable extent. Lastly, I treat everyone fairly.
  • How available are you to do staffing duties throughout the week and what is your availability?
  • I am available every day throughout the week to commence staffing duties.
  • Monday - 3pm to 10pm
  • Tuesday - 3:30pm to 10pm
  • Wednesday - 1pm to 9:00pm
  • Thursday - 2:30PM to 10pm
  • Friday - 3pm to 1am
  • Saturday - 7am to 1am
  • Sunday - 7am to 10pm
  • Do you understand that as a staff member, you are not above and or better than anyone else in roleplay and within the Community?
    Yes, I completely understand
  • Do you understand that as a Staff Member you will be looked upon in the Community as a role-model & you are at all times to be setting an example for newer and current players within the server whether it’s IC or OOC?
  • Yes, absolutely. I will make sure to always set a perfect example for everyone in the community.
  • Do you also understand, you are NOT to use powers to benefit yourself or your peers in any way, shape or form?
  • Yes, absolutely. I will make sure to always set a perfect example for everyone in the community.
  • **List at least five rulebreaches, give an example of the rulebreach and explain the punishment that you believe should be given. **
  • Rulebreach: Metagaming - Metagaming is a type of way to use OOC infomation, or in IC using discord
  • [OOC] A player is watching a stream and they are playing Infinity Gaming, the streamer then does something private/confidential for example figures out what needs to be used for bank or private meetings with orgs/friends. The player watching the stream then decides to use the information in game, tell his friends, or goes up to the org/streamers friend and tells them they know what they are doing.
  • [IC] Player A is being held up with a pistol, getting kidnapped and robbed. While player B is at a different location with no radio and no phone. With no way for Player A to contact his friend for assistance, Player B will have to stay back, but player A & B has discord open in the back, and Player A askes Player B to come over to him and to save him.
    Punishment: Depending on the players history, if he has no bans and it’s his first offence I would give him a 1 day ban or a warning depending on his attitude. If it happens again and keeps happening I would up his ban time to a perm due to the player not learning from his mistakes
  • Rulebreach: Random Death Match (RDM) - Killing someone without any prior roleplay reason or story.
  • Example - Someone goes to legion square where people are gathered around hanging. The suspect decides to use his gun to begin open firing and killing everyone.
  • Punishment - First time offence would be a warn or short ban to re-read the rules depending on severity, second offence is a 1 - 5 day ban. Third time offence+ I would issue a longer term ban (also depending on the severity and buildup).
  • Rulebreach: Hacking/Cheating/Exploiting - Using external software to gain advantage over other players in game or using a glitch/mechanic in game to exploit (duping, etc)
  • Example - One day someone has 1 million, in the next hour their money and items have unexpectedly shot up and player now has 10 million dollars. Using a hacked script for advantages
  • Punishment - First of all, if a player has randomly encountered an exploit to possibly dupe items or been given duped items and informed staff about the situation, I would remove all of the illegally obtained possessions, and let the developers know of the issue. If it has happened on purpose and been executed multiple times while the person is clearly aware, then a long term ban will be issued. If they have returned and continued to hack/exploit then a permanent ban will be put in place. If they are using any type of hacking software I would also issue then a long term ban or perm ban.
  • Rulebreach: Fail Roleplay - Failing to stay in character, or participating in actions that are not realistic.
  • Example - A player participates in multiple stunt jumps, sends himself very high in the air and gets injured. The player doesn’t roleplay any of the injuries either.
  • Punishment - All depends on the history of the player. Depending if they have zero previous warnings or bans, I would issue a warning for a first time offence. For a second offence I would issue a 1 - 3 day ban. Lastly, a third offence or more, I would issue a ban based off the severity of the situation, this could be a 1 week - long term ban.
  • Rulebreach: DOXXING - Revealing personal or private information of another person WITHOUT permission.
  • Example - Someone decides to go on the IG discord and post a picture of another player in the game, and adds a quote directing it at the victim.
  • Punishment - First of all, DOXXING is a very serious offence, that should be treated highly and seriously. I would personally issue a community ban or permanent ban under no circumstance, due to the severity of the situation. DOXXING is a cybercrime, which is why I would treat it very highly.
  • If any, what level of understanding do you have of txAdmin? Have you used it previously?

No I have never used Tx before but I am willing to give up my time and learn about it

  • A user is RDMing and insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do?

  • If a user if RDMing other users and insulting, I would firstly watch over them a bit more to see what else they are doing, and then pull them aside and have a chat to them to see why they have done it, I would revive the player that has been downed and get both side of their story’s. If bodycam is shown on why they have done it, and it was within no reason, I would issue the RDMer and ban depending on their previous history if it’s a first timer I would issue them a 1 day ban.

  • There is a large gathering of players in Legion Square. A user decided to drive his phantom straight into Legion Square and run over as many players as possible. What rules have been broken and how do you deal with the situation?

  • The rules that have been broken is Mass VDM and FailRoleplay. I would first off deal with this situation by hovering over the scene and see which player is causing all this havoc, I would then proceed to Revive/Heal the players that went down to grab their recording of it if I was to have trouble on who is doing it. I would then proceed by grabbing the player who started it all and talk to him on why he has done it, if he gives a reason I would then proceed to issue him a ban for 5-7 days depending on his previous history.

  • A user has threatened to DDOS and take down the server. What do you do? Who would you contact?

  • If a user has threatened to DDOS the server, I would issue this player a insta perm ban and contact vyve and the other higher ups on what happened then the staff team on what has happened and what the player has said.

  • There is an Admin that keeps giving people weapons and items (When he is not supposed to), What do you do? Who would you contact?

  • What I would do is spectate that person and grab some footage of what he is doing, I would then go speak to him saying that is not allowed and you could be removed from the admin team and possible get a ban, then I would all the stuff off the users that have gotten them if they don’t give it back I would give them a warning. If that admin ignores me and keeps doing it, with the footage that i have previously gotten I would send it to a staff member that is higher then the admin to deal with it.

  • A user has joined the server and started to spam racial slurs over OOC and voice communication, how would you handle the situation?

  • If the user starts using racial slurs I would hit them with a perma banned as racials slurs is not allowed under 1.3 guidelines

  • A user has reported a “troll” has been Mass VDMing but they have no footage or other valid evidence, You have been given an ID, What can you possibly do to determine if these claims are true without footage?

  • What I would do is, I would spectate the player that has been report of mass vdming, and stick to them for a while to see what they do, if they do it while I’m spectating, I would pull them aside and speak to them on why this is not allowed in our server and is punishable and give him a 1 week ban for mass vdm. Now if I spectating them and they weren’t vdming, I would spectate them for a while 10ish minutes or longer and I would then go to the other user and get their side of the story, then I would to go the “troll” and get his side of the story as their has been reports of him vdming. As I do not have any proof in any way, I would continue on with my daykeeping a close eye on this “Troll” to see if they keep doing it, and if i finally do I will give them a 1 week ban.

  • 'Bradley’ has just been in a pursuit with police, his vehicle contains drugs and illegal weapons. At some point Bradley crashed his vehicle during pursuit, stole a road-bike and evaded police up a mountain/offroad. Police have now seized the vehicle left behind. 5 minutes later, police notice items being removed from the vehicle. Bradley has gone to impound and is now offloading the contents of the vehicle. What rules have been broken(if any)? How would you proceed to handle the situation?

  • The rules that Bradley has broken is, Exploiting and Fail RP.

  • FailRP: He failed RP by grabbing a Road bike an using it for off-road to escape the cops, and the cops are unable to get up

  • Exploiting - He grabbed a 2nd vehicle drove to his main vehicle, grabbed the stuff out and transferred it across vehicles so cops aren’t able to take his items.

  • Firstly, since it’s 2 offences in one I would grab the player conducting these offences and speak to him privately, I would then proceed to give him a 2 week ban for exploiting as that is not allowed and it can mess up roleplay, also for his failrp since he went off-road

  • ‘Marilyn’ is a devious criminal of the underworld, constantly wanted by police and committing heinous acts of crime! During a situation, Marilyn acquires herself weapons from a police officers body. After equipping the 2-handed weapon at a car boot, Marilyn holds the weapon in her hand, then pulls her phone out and puts it away. Marilyn then carries on about her business. Shortly after, Marilyn gets arrested by police, put in hand-cuffs and taken to the station. While being taken to the cells, Marilyn decides to tackle officers, and run away on foot, eventually stealing a civilian vehicle. During this high speed pursuit down the highway, a police officer intentionally drives down the oncoming lane and has a head on collision with Marilyn, leading to her death because she was not wearing a seatbelt. What rules have been broken(if any)? How would you proceed to handle the situation?

  • The rules that Marilyn has broken is

  • Power-Gaming - Minor Exploiting

  • The rules the cop has broken is Failrp

  • Reason: Firstly, Marilyn has grabbed a cops 2 hander and had it out while she had her phone out which is being powerful and minor exploiting. Secondly, Marilyn has tackled the officer while cuffed and steals a local vehicle while cuffed, which they wouldn’t to while cuffed. Now the cop will be talked to about failrp which the officer has intentionally drove on the wrong side of traffic which caused the death of marilyn and killing her. Both of them would have a talk to and with marilyn breaking 2 rules I would give her a 1 week ban, and the officer would’ve gotten a 1 day ban or a warning

  • Any further comments:
    I would like to say thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this, if I were to get accepted to the staff team I would like to give up my position as a Community Advisory Commitee and pass it down to someone else.


+1 ive hung around him heaps ive work with him on both ems an cop he is an all round good guy he works well he is determind to do his best an reakon he would make a great addition to the team


+1 I personally believe that he is an amazing individual who is well-trusted and he has a positive mindset. Along with those qualities, he also has many others. All of his qualities combined makes me believe that he would make an amazing member to have apart of the staff team.

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+1 roleplayed with him from when he was E5, good person, probably could get even better in staff

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Curious - are you +1ing this only because he commented on your ban appeal saying something similar?

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ive known him for a while now

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