Banned for racial slurs and im sorry

  • List of current & known previous names(s):
  • List of current & known previous Steam username(s):
    g59 wintrr

  • List of current & known previous Discord username(s):
    R A G E

  • Which member of Community staff issued your ban?:

  • When was your ban issued and how long has it been since the ban was issued?
    THE 15/09/23

  • What was the reason given by Community staff for your ban?:
    I said a racial slur

  • Is the reason given by Community staff for your ban accurate or relevant to the situation or events that occurred?:
    Yes it is accurate

  • Why do you believe that you should be unbanned from our Community?:
    I am very sorry and i didnt mean to say the word it was a accident and i will never say it again if unbanned im very sorry

why you saying “I hope you can forgive me and give me another chance
And lift this ban for me”

So your telling me you made another account so you could comment on your own ban appeal and this ban appeal isn’t for King Machete

then why are you saying “give me another chance”

I made a mistake. That’s my personality.
Trying to follow the rules. I wasn’t trying to defend anyone. If you’re not goin to give me another chance I’ll just wait.

im confused is this your ban appeal or is it g59 wintrr ban appeal??

This is for my ban appeal

then you need to create your own ban appeal create a new thread this is someone else ban appeal