Antonios staff application

  • Username:
    • Antonio Perez Blanco
  • Steam profile link:
  • Discord:
    • weetbixmuncher
  • Age (Min 16):
    • 16
  • Do you have any active warning or previous bans?
    • I believe I only have one ban which was around September or October last year, but I am willing to do a background check if necessary
  • Do you have a problem with any of our current staff members?
    • No I don’t
  • How long have you been apart of our community & played on our FiveM server?
    • Ive been apart of the IG community since September 2022
  • Have you maintained a staff position in another Community?
    • No I haven’t but I am willing to learn what it’s like
  • How known are you on a scale of 1-10?
    • I’d say a 5 or 6
  • Do you believe you’re able to deal with individuals such as Friend’s, Org Members & Staff Members etc in a completely unbiased manner?
    • Yes I do, I have dealt with biased admins in other cities i’ve played previously and I know how frustrating and annoying it can get and I believe everyone should be treated fairly
  • Why do you think you should become a staff member?
    • IG is the first city that I’ve wanted to stay in for a long time, i’ve gotten to know a lot of people within the community and have made some amazing memories along the way, now I would like to advance further into the city and become a staff to help the community with whatever they need and make sure everyone is enjoying their time in IG and experiencing the full experience
  • Why should you be chosen over other candidates? ’
    • I believe that everyones applications should be looked at and chosen fairly, but reasons to consider me a good candidate is I want everyone in the IG community to have a fun and enjoyable experience during their time in the city and I would love to help people do this, I am never scared to ask for help from others if ever needed and love to learn and try things I havent done before, I am a quick learner and believe that I could be a good asset to the IG staff team
  • How available are you to do staffing duties throughout the week and what is your availability?
    • I am available on the weekends and sometimes throughout the week, but I try to fly in whenever I possibly can
  • Do you understand that as a staff member, you are not above and or better than anyone else in roleplay and within the Community?
    • Yes
  • Do you understand that as a Staff Member you will be looked upon in the Community as a role-model & you are at all times to be setting an example for newer and current players within the server whether it’s IC or OOC?
    • Yes I do
  • Do you also understand, you are NOT to use powers to benefit yourself or your peers in any way, shape or form?
    • Yes I completely understand this and would only ever use my powers when they are needed
  • List at least five rulebreaches, give an example of the rulebreach and explain the punishment that you believe should be given.

RDM (random deathmacth)

Example - When someone randomly kills another person with no reasononing behind it

Punishment - If it is someone that is new to rp and didnt understand the rule I would inform them about what rule they broke and give them a warning, however if it is someone who has been roleplaying for a while and new about the rule they were breaking I would check their history and give them a ban with the length varying on their history


Example - Using OOC knowlodge in city to gain an advantage e.g. sitting in a discord call telling your friends your location of where your pulled over by the police so they can rock up

Punishment - If it is the persons first offence a warning would be issued but if they have done it before a small ban will be considered depending on the severity


Example - A player is going around saying racial slurs to other people in the city

Punishment - A permanent ban will be given to that person but if it seems like an honest mistake I will explain to them that they can appeal their ban in the IG forums


Example - Someone leaks private information about someone else in the OG community

Punishment - A permanent ban will be handed out to that person to ensure the safety of others in the community


Example - Using an emote to get into places you dont have access to

Punishment - I would issue a ban or warning depending on the severity of the issue and the culprits history

  • If any, what level of understanding do you have of txAdmin? Have you used it previously?

    • I havent used it before, but I am a quick learning and would love to learn how to use it
  • A user is RDMing and insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do?

    • I will teleport to the reporters location at my earliest convenience and use no clip to see if I can catch the person at fisrt hand doing it, if not I will ask the reporter for any video evidence they have on it happening and if evidence is shown I will go to the person that was rdming and insulting people and inform them on what they were doing wrong. Before giving them a ban I will check their history and if it isnt their first time i would give them a longer ban suitable to their prior bans or warnings. If no evidence was shown I will still watch over the person that was accused of doing it for a while and see if i can catch them doing it
  • There is a large gathering of players in Legion Square. A user decided to drive his phantom straight into Legion Square and run over as many players as possible. What rules have been broken and how do you deal with the situation?

    • Rules broken are mass vdm and no intent to rp. I will talk to the person who was driving the phantom and explain to them what rules they have broken, after explaining to them I would give them a perm ban as their was no intentions to roleplay at all, once ive banned the person I would go back to Legion Square and revive all of the people that were killed and tell them that the person has been banned
  • A user has threatened to DDOS and take down the server. What do you do? Who would you contact?

    • I will perm ban the person that has threatened to ddos the server to make sure he doesnt attempt anything, once that is done I will speak to my higherups about the incidents and send them any evidence that I have on it
  • There is an Admin that keeps giving people weapons and items (When he is not supposed to), What do you do? Who would you contact?

    • I will contact a higherup and inform them about what is happening and show them any evidence that I have on it and let them take it from their
  • A user has joined the server and started to spam racial slurs over OOC and voice communication, how would you handle the situation?

    • Ask to see any evidence of the person saying racial slurs and give them a perm ban straight away
  • A user has reported a “troll” has been Mass VDMing but they have no footage or other valid evidence, You have been given an ID, What can you possibly do to determine if these claims are true without footage?

    • I will teleport to the id that was given to me and watch over the person in no clip for a good amount of time, while watching over them I will check logs to see if the guy has been killing people, if i catch them doing it i will give them a hefty ban length or maybe even a perm ban as they also dont have any intent to roleplay
  • 'Bradley’ has just been in a pursuit with police, his vehicle contains drugs and illegal weapons. At some point Bradley crashed his vehicle during pursuit, stole a road-bike and evaded police up a mountain/offroad. Police have now seized the vehicle left behind. 5 minutes later, police notice items being removed from the vehicle. Bradley has gone to impound and is now offloading the contents of the vehicle. What rules have been broken(if any)? How would you proceed to handle the situation?

    • I believe that the rules broken in this scenario is powergaming, exploiting and FailRP. I will check the logs to see what items Bradley has taken from the car that was seized by the police, I will then speak to him and help him understand the rules he has broken during the rp sit I will issue him a small ban but before doing so I will check his history for any priors. Once he has been dealt with I will give back the times that Bradley had taken out of the car to the police and let them finish what they were doing.
  • ‘Marilyn’ is a devious criminal of the underworld, constantly wanted by police and committing heinous acts of crime! During a situation, Marilyn acquires herself weapons from a police officers body. After equipping the 2-handed weapon at a car boot, Marilyn holds the weapon in her hand, then pulls her phone out and puts it away. Marilyn then carries on about her business. Shortly after, Marilyn gets arrested by police, put in hand-cuffs and taken to the station. While being taken to the cells, Marilyn decides to tackle officers, and run away on foot, eventually stealing a civilian vehicle. During this high speed pursuit down the highway, a police officer intentionally drives down the oncoming lane and has a head on collision with Marilyn, leading to her death because she was not wearing a seatbelt. What rules have been broken(if any)? How would you proceed to handle the situation?

    • I believe the rules broken were FailRP and exploiting, the first thing I will do is ask to see any evidence from both parties, I will talk to Marilyn first and let her know what rules she has broken by using her phone to hide her gun and driving a car while handcuffed, before deciding her punishment I will check her history to decide whether it should be a ban or a warning, once Marilyn has been dealt with I will go talk to the police officer about him intentionally driving on the worng side of the ride and explain to him the rule he broke was FailRP, i will then asses his history and hand out a warning or a short ban depending on prior bans or warning he may have
  • Any further comments: I would like to thank those who take their time to read over my application. If some of the answers I have provided are wrong, I’m sure I will learn along the way and am more than happy to if im selected

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